Why Mindfulness?

This guide is to help you learn and cultivate mindful living in your everyday life.

Our very busy digital lives has moved our thoughts to moving to the next thing and the next thing before fully being aware, processing and appreciating the current moment. When we are not busy thinking and worrying about what is in the future, we are lamenting and wallowing in the past. This perpetual state of past and future clutters our mind and our ability to appreciate the life we are currently living.

I'm here to help you move from mind-full to mindful.

To help you stop living on auto-pilot and be able to fully appreciate each moment that we have. Many believe that the issue is information overload. However Clay Shirky believes the real issue is what he calls "filter failure." This means that we are drowning in information because the skill that allows us to filter information has not been able to develop at the same pace of technology. Mindfulness allows us to build up skills from the inside so that we may better manage the outside world.

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